Rupert: A Dog in France

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Hunting for truffles Hunting for truffles

The other day, I went for a ramble in the woods with Linda, Ferny and Ferny’s human Amanda. Ferny and I spent a happy half-hour sniffing through the undergrowth hunting for treasure. I did find something and took it to Linda. I thought she would be pleased, but she wasn’t. “Ugh,” she screamed, “Put it down at once”, so I did, but I still don’t know what it was I found.


Anyway, Ferny and I were playing, Linda and Amanda were, as usual, gossiping. Suddenly, Linda stopped and asked: “Does anyone know how to get back to the car?” I didn’t. I’d been too busy playing to watch where we were going, so I shook my head. Amanda didn’t seem to know either and because we had been walking for a long time, Ferny had fallen asleep. Linda and Amanda looked around, trying and find some clues as to where we were. I decided Ferny had the right idea, so had a little nap too. It was all getting quite boring.


In the end, Amanda found some sort of animal track, so I was able to lead everyone back to the car safely. Ferny grumbled a bit when he was woken up, but I was quite proud of myself for taking control of the situation and rescuing us all from the woods.

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Rupert Hatfield

Rupert Hatfield

I am a very handsome Standard Poodle who has started writing his own blog about life in France.

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