Old painted advertisments (Ghost adverts)

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Adds0010I have started taking photos of these old advertisements. They still exist but are now very faded and some are no longer recognisable. In addition because adverts were often overpainted you now get images of two adverts, one on top of another, which is quite confusing.

Recently I took a trip down the N10 from Ruffec towards Angouleme and turned off at several places, for example Mansle to follow the old N10 and take photos of adverts which are still visible ...sort of.

With a lot of time and patience it is possible to digitally restore these adverts to something like their original appearance.

One has to maximise the picture and then look for a bit of paintwork that looks as near as possible to the original. Then that colour can be copied and cloned across the rest of the advertisement where that colour was used. One then moves on to the next colour and so on till all the colours have been restored and the advert looks something like it would have done the day it was painted.
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  • Comment Link Bob Waring Sunday, 15 April 2012 10:41 posted by Bob Waring

    That's clever, although I find something quite moving about these ghostly reminders of a past France redolent of the smells of Galois and stale urine, ancient 2CVs and a deep sense of 'otherness' which has largely vanished.

    I am regularly in Limousin and see a number of these old mural ads and have thought of photographing them and your posting has given me the necessary impetus. Thank you.

    Bob Waring
    Liverpool and Lestrade,Creuse

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