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I have selected four photos, which show the seasons the weather and Poitou-Charentes.

The first is one I took about a month ago when we had the really cold spell, it is a classic, 'A robin in the snow'. It has been done so many times before, but there is a reason for that so I make no apologies for not being original.


Second photo is one of the few which I have actually printed out and framed and is on my wall. It is of Bluebells in a wood close to the village of Saint Romain in Charroux. I am preparing 4 photos featuring flowers which sum up a season, I have a photo which I am half pleased with for Winter and it is snowdrops, The Spring one is the bluebells, then I have yet to get a good summer photo, it will probably be of a white asphodel which is quite common in the woods. For Autumn I have one of pink cyclamens. Apart fom the flowers and seasons I want all four photos to be woodland sceenes with trees on a slope so that basically all four photos are the same and its just the flowers which are different. I will get there one day.


Third photo is of Oil seed rape stalks, it was taken in August after the harvest and the stalks had dried out and gone white. I think it does show the hot dry summer weather which is what we normally get. I like photos with lines in them, here we have the rows of the rape plants. I have some photos of vineyards taken near Barcelona during the winter, many years ago and the photo shows rows and rows of vines all disappearing into the distance. 


Finally my fourth photo, Autumn is a view across the Seudre peninsula taken from La Tremblade. It was taken last year, 2011, at the end of October. It was a warm sunny day and we had a fantastic seafood meal, outside, and that day is one of the reasons why I choose to spend most of my time in France......

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