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I hope you enjoy my continuing series on how it came about that we moved to France.  On Facebook I have 1521 people following this story, and a similar amount on Twitter - so I do hope you enjoy it and will share!

At the begining, 1989.

Well, to be blunt, we were broke. We had been hit by the UK property crash in 1989 and we lost everything almost overnight. And that is why we moved to France.  No other reason.

IIf you enjoy this series, do please share it.  Thanks - much appreciated.

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Several people have asked me to illustrate the people in my books, so I have started with "A Call from France" which - clearly - is set in France.  It is a true story and any mothers who have re-located to France should read it, young or old.

Hussein was not bad.  He was not good, but it would be wrong to say he was bad.  He was ignorant, is more to the point.  He had been raised in a household where fists and shouting were the solutions to most problems.  Men always had the upper hand, and were generally right ... simply because they were men.

There is no denying that what he did was wrong, but on the other hand who can blame him ?  The rich kid from the Chateau ... he thought he was on to a good thing.  He genuinely loved Debbie at first, and certainly loved his children.

Not that one should defend him in any way, but he lived in a confused world between Algerian Muslim culture and values, and France with all its advantages.  Sometimes he was fiercely Muslim and at other times he was far more like an ordinary Frenchman.  He wanted to please but felt that being "nice" somehow belittled him, as though he needed to prove his supposed superiority when there was really no need to.

He was good-looking in an obvious sort of way, and very muscular.  He went to the gym several times a week for la musculation. However, he never walked - let alone ran - anywhere and ate stunning quantities of junk food.  He didn't smoke or touch alcohol.  He had vastly more testosterone than brain ...

Classified as a must-read for mothers both young and old, and especially for mothers of teens, "A Call from France" by Catherine Broughton is a true story.  Available from Amazon & Kindle, as an e-book on this site, or can be ordered from most leading book stores and libraries.

More about Catherine Broughton, to include her sketches and blogs from all over the world, on

Click here for grand'mere, Hussein's grandmother

Same message as previous- I just cannot find how to put the accents on - apologies!  Hope you enjoy the article.

Not for love nor money can I find how to put the accents on to French words - sorry about that!  Hope you enjoy the article.

Another snippet of French history from Catherine Broughton

Chopin (1810-1849) was described by his mistress as "more Polish than Poland".  Although many think of him as a Frenchman, he was Polish and, although he lived in France for the last 19 years of his life, he never spoke French particularly well.

The little fortified town of nearby Brouage has a claim to fame from several angles.  One of its famous historical figures is Samuel de Champlain (1574 - 1635), the founder of Quebec and "Father of New France". He was a navigator, a cartographer (he drew out the first accurate map of Canada), a politician, a mathematician and an explorer.

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