Starting a Business in France: A Step-by-step Guide

Starting a Business in France: A Step-by-step GuideNew legislation in France is now making it easier for a foreign national to start and run a business there. "Starting a Business in France" has been written to give step-by-step guidelines to British and other anglophone nationals moving to France.

This book will give them the best possible chances of turning their dream of self-employment into a successful reality.

The first part of the book covers: researching your market; getting the right financial advice; developing short and medium-term business plans; managing administrative details and establishing suitable legal status; discovering sources of loans and assistance; ensuring protection of innovative projects; and, finding the best location for your business.

Many businesses fail in the critical first five years. The second part of the book shows you how to organise your day-to-day administration and statutory book-keeping requirements (and who to use for the latter) so that you, the boss, can get on with the essential roles of marketing, maintaining and developing the business in this crucial period.

Both traditional and modern marketing methods which work particularly well in France are also discussed.

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Starting a Business in France: A Step-by-step Guide (How to): A Step-by-step Guide (How to)

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