16A IP44 Rated outdoor Schuko plug - Caravan Hook Up

outdoor-schuko-plugA High quality Self wirable IP44 / 16A AC Mains power plug, Euro Schuko. Rated for use outdoors. Blue in colour. Used in France, Germany, Iceland, Finland, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia....
  • 16 Ampees 220/250 Volts AC, IP44 rated for use both inside and outdoors
  • Euro AC Connector Schuco for self wiring appliances.
  • Blue IP44 rated for outdoor use, Splash proof and dust proof
  • Tough CEE 012 Poles 2P+E
  • Ideal for travelling abroad in motor homes, Boats, caravans etc. Industrial use and more.

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16A IP44 Rated outdoor Schuko plug, Euro AC mains power connector hookup. 2 Pin for use in Europe, France, Belgium, Germany etc. Self wire.

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