Sagem DTR94250S 250GB HD Satellite Digital TV Recorder with Freesat HD

Manufacturer's Description

HD Recording made easy!
Sagem freesatOur Sagem freesat + DTR94250S HD recorder offers you over 140 channels and radio and free HD programmes to enjoy with no monthly costs or subscriptions. The 250GB hard disk drive means that you never have to miss your favourite programme again, just set up your recording from the TV guide by pressing the record button, you can even record a series at the touch of a button. With the Twin Tuner you can watch one digital channel while recording another, or record two channels simultaneously whilst watching a previous recording. You can also Pause and Rewind live TV! The parental control code enables you to control what you children watch, giving you full control.
diagram of a HD Ready TV
Hear movies and enjoy your entertainment like never before

You can now sit back and enjoy all of what freesat + has to offer in one smart simple to use Sagem product. Just plug it in to enjoy and record your favourite programmes and movies in HD.
What's on in HD?

Watching TV in High Definition (HD) gives you deeper, richer, more lifelike pictures. freesat offers up to 70 hours a week of the best of BBC and ITV in amazing free HD.
BBC iPlayer

With BBC iPlayer on freesat, you can catch-up on your favourite BBC programmes from the last seven days or catch-up on whole series you may have missed, whenever you want and from the comfort of your sofa.

Pause, rewind and play BBC TV programmes from the past week or discover new BBC TV series’ you may have missed the first time around.

All the benefits of watching TV on BBC iPlayer, direct to your main TV set. freesat HD receiver and minimum 1 Mbps broadband connection required.
250 GB hard disk drive

What does it mean for you? Basically if there is something you would like to record and watch at a later date then you can by pressing the record button or setting it up to record if it is on at a later time or date. The 250GB hard disk drive gives you up to 80 hours of recording time.
Want great sound quality?

You won’t just see amazing images, you will also 'feel' part of the on screen action. Just use the audio connections on your freesat digital box to connect to your home cinema system, then you will hear movies and enjoy your entertainment like never before.

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Sagem DTR94250S 250GB HD Satellite Digital TV Recorder with Freesat HD

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