Memory Map 100,000 France (PC)

Memory Map FranceMemory Map is the first to bring these desirable products to the UK market as an ideal accompaniment for planning your walking, cycling, camping or even winter trips abroad in the mountains. In the summer, these maps are perfect for walking, mountain biking or off -road driving. In the winter, check out the popular ski and snowboard areas. Using the fascinating 3D World tool, you can impress your friends and family recording 3D Flythrough movies of your favourite routes and tracks. When using a GPS, see how quickly you climbed or descended down the mountain by importing your GPS tracklog.

Each region includes detailed 1:25,000 scale topographical maps, a 1:250,000 Road Map of France and of course our award winning Memory -Map software for PC, Pocket PC and Smartphone.

Route Planning
Click on the map to add routes and waypoints or draw a track freehand using the AutoTrack tool. See leg distance, compass bearing and total journey length.

Save and share routes
Save waypoints, routes and tracks for future use, send them via email, or even put them on your web page - great for planning a group trip!

3D World
Visualise your routes and tracks in continuous 3D landscape

Index to over 2,500 Walking world routes
Use this index to check the details of a route including distance and difficulty level.

Print to scale
Print maps at the scale of your choice.

Multi page maps
Automatic paging when printing maps containing longer routes and tracks.

Text Notes
Add detailed text to your maps

Multimedia Route card
Print your own fully detailed route card with waypoints, compass bearings, distances and grid coordinates and add personal notes, photos and hill profiles.

Relief Shading
Print maps showing 3D terrain on an accurate 2D scale map

Easy GPS Programming
Save time and reduce errors by transferring the waypoints and routes from your PC or Pocket PC directly to your GPS.

Handheld GPS
Unrivalled GPS Support. Memory -Map is compatible with Garmin, Magellan, Silva, Suunto and GPS enabled Pocket PCs.

Pocket Navigator
Complete Pocket PC navigation software with route planning,
Connect a GPS to a Laptop or Pocket PC for an off -road SatNav system.

Follow your route
Display a pointer arrow showing the direction, bearing and distance to the next waypoint.

Real -time positioning
View your current position on your chosen map.

Use the tracklog to see where you've been.

Velocity vector
Project your current course and speed for a given time to see where you'll be

Proximity Alarm
Create a warning zone and an alarm is activated should you enter the zone.

With Memory -Map, it's easy to build a history of your trips!

Review GPS tracks
Import your tracklog from a handheld GPS and overlay it on a map to check exactly where you've been.

Performance Review Profiles
Review trip performance including speed profiles, hill profiles, GPS altitude profiles and even heart rate profiles

Create a digital journal by adding pictures, text, sound or other program files to any point on the map.

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