The Green Earth Guide: Traveling Naturally in France

Traveling Naturally in FranceThe first in a series on green travel guidebooks for Western Europe, the Green Earth Guide France focuses exclusively on where to find things green and alternative in France such as local and organic foods, natural health care, ecological businesses, organic vineyards, renewable energy, yoga and meditation centres, national parks, public transport, and other green places and services of interest.

Written in a friendly, accessible style with personal anecdotes, how-to travel tips, and practical information, "The Green Earth Guide" allows travellers to leave smaller footprints wherever they venture in France. The well-travelled and savvy author rescues readers who are accustomed to a certain level of green consciousness at home but end up compromising their values on vacation.

"Green Earth Guide" offers an insider's guide to healthy living on the road so readers do not have to sacrifice healthy habits and eco-lifestyle choices just because they are in foreign territory. "Green Earth Guide" offers all travellers the opportunity to make all the environmentally beneficial choices for basic needs - food, shelter, health, exercise and presents sites of ecological, historical, and natural interest along the way. Yates promotes sustainability and helps people extend ecological ideals to their travels.

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The Green Earth Guide: Travelling Naturally in France

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