Au Revoir Angleterre: Making a Go of Moving Abroad

Au Revoir Angleterre: Making a Go of Moving AbroadIn a similar vein to White Ladder's successful Out of Your Townie Mind, about moving to the country, Au Revoir Angleterre takes the top dreams people have when they make the decision to move abroad.

Based on a survey of aspiring ex-pats and those who have made the move, it examines each dream in turn and looks at the reality behind it. Encouraging but firmly realistic, it prepares people to make the move with their eyes open, and avoid potential disasters.

From the Author If you live in the UK simply because you were born there, you're denying yourself 99.8% of the world's land surface - and especially an EU which stretches from the Atlantic to the Aegean and from inside the Arctic Circle to the Mediterranean. And it's all yours. Somewhere out there could be the perfect place for you.

We moved abroad 15 years ago and are deliriously happy. How have we succeeded so spectacularly when many others have failed? That's what we tell you in the book. The most important ingredients are an open mind, a willingness to see life as an adventure, a solid relationship (if you're a couple) and taking the time to get the details right. Do it, but don't rush it.

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Au Revoir Angleterre: Making a Go of Moving Abroad

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