Glossary of Gardening and Horticultural Terms, French-English and English-French

Glossary of Gardening and Horticultural Terms This glossary should prove invaluable to those embarking on gardening or horticultural activities in France or other French speaking regions, as well as to naturalists, translators and exporters.

The book substantially covers the majority of garden plants and shrubs, as well as fruit, trees, herbs, vegtables, procedures, equipment, pests, etc. For plants and trees, where possible, the Latin genus name has been included, and for certain varieties the full Latin name has been attached. In general the glossary matches up the familiar French and
English names of pot and garden flowering plants and shrubs.

In some cases where the same French name is used for two different plants the attached Latin names provide distinguishing labels.

In both French-English and English-French formats it includes approximately 2000 Gardening and Horticultural terms. Appendices covering : Medicinal Plants, the Birds of France, the Butterflies of France are also included.

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Glossary of Gardening and Horticultural Terms, French-English and English-French

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