Moving to France with Your Children

Moving to France with Your ChildrenFrance provides non-native children with some wonderful opportunities - not least of all the possibility of learning and becoming fluent in another language and experiencing a different culture. But the change can also be frightening and unsettling.

This reassuring and inspirational guide will help you make sure your children settle quickly and confidently into their new environment and - most importantly - ensure that they are happy and able to make the most of the experience.

The range of subjects covered will make you more informed and better able to minimise any anxiety your children might feel when facing new challenges.

About the Author
Angie Power moved to France from the UK over twenty years ago to settle in a small provincial town. Her experience as a secondary school teacher in both the English and French state school systems, in bringing up her own children abroad, and in tracing their lives at local schools and watching them develop their bilingualism has provided her with some valuable lessons to pass on to other parents. She has written articles on her experiences for the Daily Telegraph and is a frequent contributor to the Weekly Telegraph. She is based in South-West France.

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Moving to France with Your Children

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