France: A Handbook for New Residents

France: A Handbook for New ResidentsThis paperback book is a window through which you can view a selection of the enormous amount of information available on France, arranged as a ready reference for new residents or long-term visitors. It's not a narrative, so it's not a book to be read cover-to-cover. It is a collection of the bits and pieces of information needed in everyday life and work, but it is not a tourist guidebook (though tourists may find it useful). It's intended to be read before you depart for France as well as after you
arrive and settle there.

The topics are arranged in alphabetical order, grouped by subject into 47chapters, which also are in alphabetical order. All facts presented are available in France from the organisations and the printed and online sources mentioned. So this book also be a starting point for finding further information.

As its title indicates, the aim is to ease and speed your access to essential information, whether your search is triggered by thinking of a topic in English or by encountering a term in French. Consequently, there are two indexes, one in English and one in French.

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France: A Handbook for New Residents

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