Get Into French Course Pack: CD-ROM, Audio CD and Book

Get in to French You can really Get Into French with the new interactive course for beginners from BBC Languages and Cambridge University Language Centre.

Get Into French offers a complete learning package including two PC CD-ROMs, book, audio CD and a dedicated website. Designed for people on the go, the flexible approach puts you firmly in control of how, when and where you learn.

Containing the main part of the course, the CD-ROM will take you into a virtual French town where you can take part in role-plays, conversations and activities, whether in the bar, hotel or department store. You can record your voice and compare yourself to native speakers, checking your progress as you go. There are a range of activities and challenges and instant learning support available via the built in phrase book and pop up grammar notes ensuring that learning is reinforced at every stage.

In this unique approach, you'll have complete freedom to choose a path and style of learning that fits your personal preferences and interests. You'll encounter the language that you really need for travel and holidays and, from the very beginning, you'll start to speak French and begin to understand when people reply. With clear feedback, you will be able to make progress quickly and enjoyably.

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Get Into French Course Pack: CD-ROM, Audio CD and Book

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