Unforgettable French

Unforgettable FrenchMemory Tricks to Help You Learn and Remember French Grammar
People often shy away from teaching French grammar as they feel it will be boring and involve lots of memorization. But when the focus is on looking at what things have in common, then telling or making up stories to help them remember, the learning becomes fun and the ideas stick in the brain.

A handy book packed full of memory tricks to help you learn and remember key grammatical points and vocabulary in French from the basics to Passe-compose and the future tense. It features sheets that may be photocopied or just used as aide-memoires. It is suitable for use by a child or adult, all that is needed is a desire to speak French.

About the Author
Maria Rice-Jones is a French national with a Master s Degree in Modern Languages from the Sorbonne University in Paris. Since 1990, she has taught French to both children and adults in Paris, Milan and London. She has also written Hexagonie: An Innovative Way of Teaching French, a comprehensive method for teaching French in primary and lower secondary schools using memory tricks. 

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Unforgettable French: Memory Tricks to Help You Learn and Remember French Grammar

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