Fun Ways for Kids to Learn French

Orchard Toys have a great selection of fun ways designed in association with Linguaphone to help children learn French.

Cherchons Le Mot
Match up the jigsaw style cards with their corresponding picture and learn 30 French words. These jigcards come with both the French and English word to help children associate the two versions and are suitable for kids over 5, can be played alone or up to 5 players.

Contains: 30 complete jigcards and a pronunciation guide. ...Get more info or order this product

Les Courses a Faire
Les Courses a Faire is a French version of the fun Shopping List Game. Developed in association with Linguaphone, Players choose a shopping list written in French and try to fill their trolley by finding the right cards.

Contains: 32 item cards, 4 shopping lists, 4 shopping trolleys and a pronunciation guide. ...Get more info or order this product

Trouvons L'image
This best selling French picture and word lotto game is produced in association with Linguaphone and designed for between 2 and 4 players. The kids have to listen to the audio CD and then find the matching object on the board. The CD is in both French and English and the game is suitable for children over 5 and adults.

Contains: 48 cards, 4 picture boards, audio CD and a pronunciation guide. ...Get more info or order this product

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