Nod Off in French: A Laid-back Approach to Learning

Nod Off in French70-minute CD (16 tracks) plus 48 page booklet in neat DVD case.

This is an easy accessible way of revising French for those who prefer listening to reading. Particularly aimed at those fed up of dipping in and out of the language but who still have no overall grasp of it.

Research has shown that being relaxed is the ideal state for our brains to absorb information. This light laid-back approach eases you into this receptive state of mind and after a short relaxation session, you hear a clear explanation of how French works illustrated with numerous examples.

It doesn't matter if your mind wanders or if you nod off, your brain is still listening.

And for peace of mind, all the information on the CD is clearly laid out in the accompanying 48-page booklet. It is ideal for:
  • Beginners
  • GCSE and Standard Grade revision
  • Rusty learners

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Nod Off in French: A Laid-back Approach to Learning
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